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Turkish Rug - Eshme Kilim

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Width 180.00 cm (5,91 Feet)
Lenght 310.00 cm (10,17 Feet)
Weight 6.80 Kg (14,99 Lbs )
Style Anatolia
Age Old
Condition Fine
Material Wool on wool
Shape Rectangular
Layout All-over
Pattern Geometric
Size Large
Ethnic Turkish rug from Anatolia. Skillfully slit-woven from natural lamb and/or goat wools, in colors and motifs specific to its region of origin. (Some rugs may have cotton warps.) Older Anatolian rugs embody centuries of Turkish culture, and have become increasingly desirable as tribal and nomadic lifestyles go extinct. Every Yurdan rug is one of a kind, suitable for the most discriminating collector or designer. Appreciate the enduring beauty of a rare, older rug in low-traffic areas, as a furniture spread, or wall hanging.
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