• Turkish Rug - Kars Carpet-
  • Turkish Rug - Kars Carpet-
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Turkish Rug - Kars Carpet

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Width 90.00 cm (2,95 Feet)
Lenght 282.00 cm (9,25 Feet)
Weight 6.70 Kg (14,77 Lbs )
Age Semi old
Condition Fine
Material Wool on wool
Shape Runner
Size Medium
Kars is a collection point for village rugs. Kars rugs are often called Kars Kazaks. They tend to look like Kazak rugs woven in the more subdued palette of eastern Turkey. I attribute this to the large number of Armenians who lived in the Kars area and then moved to the Caucasus from the first quarter of the nineteenth century on. I remember a dealer explaining to me that the difference between a Kazak and a Kars Kazak is like the difference between Tomato red and tomato soup red. Kars Kazaks has soft colors and real Kazaks have bright clear strong colors.
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