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Handmade Leather Notebook

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Width 16.00 cm (6,30 Inch)
Lenght 23.00 cm (9,06 Inch)
Height 4,00 cm (1,57 Inch)
Weight 0.82 Kg (1,81 Lbs )
For travel, for memoirs, for family histories, and for any kind of personal writing, a leather journal is durable and speaks quietly of timeless elegance and your appreciation of simple quality.<div class="csc_body"><b> Featured at Sherman's Travel Mag</b><a href="/ContentImages/media/shermansTravel_full.jpg" target="_blank"><img border="0" class="MPC_Image" align="left" src="/ContentImages/media/shermansTravel_thumb.jpg"></a></div>
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