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Ottoman Human Figures - Sadrazam

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Pronounced Sud - Ruh - Zum, he was the highest rank which was responsible for the state governance and the most powered deputy of the Sultan. The orders of the grand viiier meant the order of the sultan. A gold seal with name of the sultan was presented to the grand vizier as the sign of his absolute deputyship of the sultan and they always carried this seal with them.<br> The grand viziers of the Sultan could be changed at any time. The grand vizier who was discharged had to return the seal immediately and he was sent to exile if his life was forgiven. According to the protocol rules, all the kings and emperors were equal with the grand vizier. The envoys, who were sent in name of their kings and emperors, were brought in front of the sultan, but the sultan never replied them; only the grand vizier sitting near the throne was the one who would reply them. The jurisdiction of the grand vizier was limited with the Middle Gate (Orta Kapi) in the Topkapi Palace. in this division of the palace alter the Middle Gate,all the power directly belonged to the Sultan and his servants.<br> The Sultan could dismiss the grand vizier or give death sentence to him, but he could not refuse his demand he deemed necessary for the state governance.
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