The buyer is the most important asset of our business. In recognition of this we have integrated, efficient and effective departments, which cater to our buyer`s needs and product requirements. We ensure prompt service and quality products at reasonable prices.

Corporate Gifts

We make substantial discounts on bulk orders for corporate gifts.

Deutsche Bank-ITALY


We make substantial discounts on wholesale demands. You can have more info about our wholesale service on Wholesale page.

Special Orders

You can give special orders like size, color and design.


The rugs and other items that you have bought from Yurdan will be delivered by the fastest and reliable courier services like DHL.

Repair and Restoration

We have professional rug repairmen which can handle your rugs perfectly.


Washing and Cleaning

We have washing and cleaning service. We have special washing techniques and devices for sensitive hand made rugs.

Free Services

Expertise and evaluation

We expertise your rugs and evaluate its approximate value for free of charge. And also we buy or exchange your rugs with new ones.